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Lauren Hartley

Acting Nurse Unit Manager & Clinical Nurse Consultant, Mental Health Unit

Caring is our calling

​Lauren Hartley is the Acting Nurse Unit Manager and Clinical Nurse Consultant at Matilda Nepean.

A Registered Nurse with more than 10 years of experience working in mental health in public and private hospitals, Lauren coordinates all mental health admissions and oversees the delivery of clinical services for patients admitted to the mental health unit.

She has extensive experience in the leadership of teams responsible for the delivery of mental health services. She is a registered trainer with the Crisis Prevention Institute, which focuses on the education of staff on the early identification of deterioration, de-escalation techniques and safe interventions to prevent escalation in behaviours and maintain safety for all. She is also a former member of the Strengths and Recovery Model Champions at St John of God Hospital, and she has a current Suicide Prevention certificate.

Lauren worked as a Transition Coordinator/Bed Manager in her previous role at St John of God, where she was also the recipient of a number of awards – including a two-time hospitality award winner and a 5-year service award.

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