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A new inpatient and day therapy mental health service is now available to Penrith and the broader Nepean region.

Matilda Nepean includes almost 40 beds dedicated to inpatient mental health services. The new Kingswood-based hospital also offers a range of mental health day therapy programs.

The Matilda Nepean mental health team assesses treats and supports a range of mental health conditions, including:

  • anxiety and panic disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • borderline personality disorder, phobias, depression and mood disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder

It also supports adults living with ADHD and older people living with a range of mental health conditions.

The mental health team comprises experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and multidisciplinary health care professionals who deliver compassionate care and support using a recovery-focused approach.

Individuals can access the inpatient or day therapy programs via referral from a health care professional or self-referral. Please contact our mental health intake coordinator Lauren Hartley for a confidential discussion about your needs on tel: (02) 8123 6790 or mentalhealth@matildanepean.com.au.