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Given the high demand for mental health care in Penrith and the broader Nepean region, Matilda Nepean is pleased to have finally opened our new private mental health service.

We’re delighted to introduce you to the senior mental health care specialists who will be leading the delivery of care across our inpatient and day therapy mental health programs.

⭐️ Dr Mark Walker has more than 17 years of experience as a Consultant Psychiatrist working in adult psychiatry. He has a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders, and mental health conditions in older people.

⭐️ Dr Raj Singh is a senior Psychiatrist who specialises in the management of mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, and trauma-related disorders in adults. He also has a special interest in the use of brain stimulation techniques.​

⭐️ Dr Augustus (Gus) Pusic is a senior Psychiatrist with more than 25 years of experience who works across all aspects of general adult psychiatry.

⭐️ Dr Sivaruby Thavakulasingam is a consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in the treatment of anxiety disorders, PTSD, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, perinatal psychiatry and drug and alcohol-related disorders.

Our mental health specialists work closely with a team of multi-disciplinary health care professionals to provide inpatient mental health care or day therapy programs tailored to individuals’ particular needs.

You can access our private mental health services via a referral from a health care professional or self-referral. Please contact our mental health intake coordinator Lauren Hartley for a confidential discussion about your needs on tel: (02) 8123 6790 or mentalhealth@matildanepean.com.au.

You can learn more about our mental health programs and services on our website here: matildanepean.com.au/mental-health.